We hope to answer many of the questions that people ask us about our products in the following section of the site. If there are additional areas that you would like us to go deeper into explanation, please leave us a comment or write us an email.

Who We Are

The Urban Garden Workshop is an acknowledged maker and seller of hen houses, raised beds and specialty wood products for homes in California and many other states. Rearing chickens is a common hobby, particularly among those having open areas in their premises. Our hen houses are not ordinary creations but a functional and artistic combination of carpentry skills.We build these coops in different shapes and models from reclaimed redwood of superior quality, heavy-duty galvanized hardware cloth. From our large collection of hen houses you could choose a backyard chicken coop that harmonizes with your home exteriors. Our attractive creations include: the clubhouse, clubhouse coop, cottage hen house, bungalow hen house, lodge hen house, full bungalow, and lodge chicken coop. Irrespective of the model selected, the redwood used is rot resistant and long lasting. We use high quality galvanized hardware mesh for our hen houses allowing proper ventilation and protection from predators. Another distinctive advantage about our portable chicken coop is its modular design enabling it to be transported, assembled, and dismantled conveniently. There is also enough ventilation allowing the chickens or hens to breathe normally and without any suffocation. Ventilation also assists in preventing these coops from getting smelly.

What makes Redwood so special? 

Redwood is a very special type of wood. It is naturally rot resistant and very durable. It retains its original look for many years. It does not require paints, varnish or plywood covering for its protection.

How is ventilation designed for these hen houses?

Ventilation of the hen house is of key concern. We have designed the floor to be primarily made out of hardware cloth mesh, which breathes well. Additionally it will not rust, is easy to clean and built tough to withstand predators like raccoons, foxes or coyotes. Even when the floor is covered with straw or shavings, it will be able to breathe. Additionally, there will be gaps between the boards we use to construct the hen house and run.

If you live in a colder climate. we are offer a “winter kit” which is a removable wooden platform that covers the wire mesh during the winter. It will mitigate any draft that will be entering the coop and keep the hens warmer.

Is a ‘Run’ necessary for your chicken coop?

A run is a frame supported mesh structure resembling a cage. Runs maintain the space where your hens may roam and also keeps them protected from predators ( such as raccoons, coyotes or foxes). It also gives a feeling of the outside to the hens. It is not necessary to buy a Run from us if you will be letting your hens out daily and feel they will be safe. We feel that keep them ‘cooped’ up all the time in a hen house is not enough space. Let us know if you will be building your own run and we can incorporate a separate back-door for the hens to access your home-built run space.

Do these houses have separate areas for laying eggs?

Yes, we have an egg laying area that is built into the structure of the hen house – we call it the Nesting Box. There is one nesting box in the Clubhouse, two nesting boxes in the Cottage and Bungalows and four nesting boxes in the Lodge.

How are these houses cleaned?

We recommend that you clean your hen house once every few weeks. It depends on how messy your hens are, how much space they have to roam in their yard and when you feel that it is getting smelly or dirty. Clean up is simple and requires a shovel, broom and from time to time a wire brush to clean the wood and interior hardware cloth.

What about delivery and installation?

We strive to self-deliver and install our products whenever possible in the San Francisco Bay Area. For anything outside of a 50 mile radius we have a great relationship with UPS Shipping. All orders ship FREE with UPS Ground unless otherwise specified.

Installation of our hen houses or portable chicken coops are easy, and an elementary knowledge in carpentry is all that is needed to set it up.

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