Chicken Coops

The Urban Garden Workshop offers a beautiful line of rustic hen houses and chicken coops made from quality reclaimed redwood. Redwood is naturally rot resistant & durable, and will maintain its vintage character for decades. Utilizing galvanized hardware cloth both protects the hens from predators, while providing ventilation of the hen house. Our coops ship via UPS as a panelized DIY kit system and can easily be assembled by anyone with basic carpentry skills.

Contact us directly if you’re looking for a Custom Coop design.

▪ 100% Predator Proof – Elevated hen house, heavy duty wire (including the run floor that is covered with soil) and secure latches protect hens from raccoons, coyotes, and foxes
▪ Excellent Ventilation – Wire floor and board construction (not plywood) supports airflow
▪ Large Chicken Run – Keeps your hens happy and secure… and let’s you go away for the weekend
▪ Long-Lasting Rustic Character – No paint, plywood, or pressure treated materials that deteriorate over time
▪ Multiple Doors — Provide easy access to nesting box, hen house and run
▪ Constructed from quality reclaimed redwood that would otherwise be headed to the local dump.

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