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Simple… easy…durable…..Urban Garden Workshop raised bed garden kits are a durable planter box system that uses less water, creates higher yields, and are easier to maintain than standard gardens.  Using only environmentally sourced woods, these stylish garden boxes come with gopher wire and aluminum rods for easy installation.

All boxes are minimum of 2 Tiers ( 12″ Tall) with the option to expand up to 4 Tiers in height ( 24″ inches).

We also offer gopher wire if you are worried about critters burrowing into your vegetables from below. This will help protect your food, but is not always necessary.

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Raised Bed Garden Kit Installation Instructions


  • Rake
  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Measuring Tape
  • Square
  1. Clear the area of any debris with your rake/shovel (including rocks or any obstacles). You will want to make sure the area is level.
  2. If you have a rodent problem, be sure to lay down hardware cloth (optional). Be careful of sharp edges.
  3. Layout the first tier of wood on top of the hardware cloth. Arrange the aluminum pins to each corner.
  4. Make sure your four boards for the first tier line up correctly and place an aluminum rod in each corner. You can double-check that everything is square by using your measuring tape and/or square. If you measure diagonally from corner to corner you should have the same distance.
  5. Continue stacking each Tier. We offer Two Tier, Three Tier and Four Tier Systems.
  6. Once you have finished stacking your Tiers, if the aluminum rods are sticking up in any corners use your hammer to level them out.
  7. OPTIONAL: If you have bought one of our larger Kits ( 8′ or 12′ in length). You will have an additional Tie-Rod to attach at the halfway point. Screw the Rod across your Raised bed at the center. This would be the 4′ or 6′ mark. This will stop your bed from bowing outwardly from the weight of the soil.

For larger sizes please call us at (888)680-6996!

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